Logo Design for Space – Office Space

Mary, the project coordinator at Space, asked us to work on a logo design for their business.

Space is building co working offices so that freelancers and small startup companies have a stunning office to work out. This affords them a great space at a fraction of the cost compared to buying or leasing a large building.

They offer rent-able offices for teams of 1 to 12 in beautiful areas across the world including Austin, New York City, Raleigh, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. These offices are also great for people working remote for larger companies.

For the Space logo, they wanted to capture the idea of a personal, modern, and fun shared office space. They were open to including an icon or using the text “Space” to represent the company. They did not have any predetermined requirements in terms of colours, text, icon, or otherwise.

After some research, we found their closest competitors were Industrious and WeWork.

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